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I designed as a place to gather things I make — short films, writing, pictures.

While planning the site, I imagined a section on creative change accompanying the creations. Having lived and travelled in South America, I knew I wanted a section on Latin America to share left-leaning news stories on a part of the world I love. And I knew I wanted a weblog, or creative notebook, to feature current projects and expand on ideas from this site.

My educational influences range from Latin American studies to film production. I’ve worked for three production companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, editing, shooting, supervising music rights, and producing a play at Fort Mason Center’s Cowell Theatre. My most recent studies include graduate film directing at UCLA, graduate screenwriting at CSUN, directing for theatre, and playwriting.

I enjoy creating. When I make something, I ask questions, find my way in the world, laugh, and poke myself and others. If I keep creating, I imagine all these funny-shaped pieces from my imagination will fit together like stones in a wall at Machu Picchu, offering a glimpse of sky and mountains, reward for not having stayed too long on the main path.

I hope this website is an inspiration for creativity as much as a collection of creative efforts.

© Anthony R. Gutiérrez. Please contact me for permission to use work.
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Eyelashes short film
The Briefcase short film


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Camp Reynolds Stairs to Nowhere Rusty Door View of Alcatraz Ruined Building Interior Beach Column Collapsed Above Stairs Wild Oats and Ice Plant Mess Hall, Fort McDowell Building Ruins Overlook East Bay View of Golden Gate Bridge
Astoria House Astoria Building Oregon Coast Bandon Beach Bandon Beach Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach
Top of Train Car Train Part Train Coils Behind Train Car Old Train Seat Inside Old Train Mattress Springs Inside Cabin Inside Old Train Cabin Old Train in McCloud, CA
Preston Tower Eerie Windows Castle Roof Rusty Fire Escape Back Stairs and Fire Escape Top of Fire Escape Sink on Floorboards Radiator Fitting Torso Glass Bottles Corridor Bulb Green Box in Pool Chair at Window Preston Turrets and Tower Preston Castle
Stone Wall Cafe Near Ruins Inside Ruins Lantern and Bottles Rusty Japanese Lantern Statue of Girl in Blue Green Tower Rusty Barn Bear Valley School Wooden Barn Stone Chimney


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Social Anarchism


I've been thinking about what I value, what kind of relationships I want in my life. When I expand this vision of a relationship based on equality, respect for individuality, and caring, to include community, I find the vision to be at odds with current institutions that promote competition over cooperation, profit over altruism. Social anarchism intrigues me because I feel its vision of community and individual freedom encourages both holistic awareness and more just and caring interactions.

If the current systems (political, economic, social) in which we interact leave us in a state of deficiency with regards to our relationships and quality of life, we can create new systems. Do we want a society in which we warp our values to fit the current economic system? (I know I don't.) What would society look like if we first decided how we would like to live, how we would like to treat one another, and then created an economy based on those values? If we look at social anarchism, I think the values and systems of self-organization (from the bottom up, rather than the top down) contribute some interesting ideas on systems design, individual freedom, community, and democracy.

In the Reading List, you'll find many websites with useful introductions to anarchist thought.